Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Big Plex.

For our current exhibit Stories in Fiber and Clay, we had to devise an object mount to support some large platter-style baskets in one of our existing garment cases.

I devised a system where a curved panel could be placed in the case diagonally. The curve is not only aesthetic, but adds to the stability of the unit as well.

Since I wanted this to be reusable, it needed a system to attach the object mount without drill holes in the panel. I added a series of 3" wide slots along each of the flanges, so a strip of plex could be placed where needed. The strips are expendable, leaving the panel free from invasive work.

The large panels was no problem for our vacuum to hold. The flanges however, had to be held with double-stick tape. I cut a 1/4" wide by 1/8" deep groove in the spoilboard on the inside and the outside of the part outline. Its purpose was two-fold - it served to aid in tape placement and provided a space to insert a screwdriver to pry the parts off the table without damage.

Next post I'll show the finished product.

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